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Why Us?

Because we are different. In many ways:


Your guess is right, we are not a corporation :)

We don't run by corporate rules and in our team you'll be of great importance. We love new ideas and encourage your creativity. We value you as a human not just for your work. This is because we all strive to become great people not just great workers.


No, we're not an outsourcing company.

You're not just another cost effective worker for a big international client who hired us because we are cheaper than their countrymen. We told you, you'll really matter in our team.


We're not another enthusiast start-up wannabe either.

We've past that phase. With enthusiasm.

So, we are indeed different !

We are one of the few (very few) IT companies from Sibiu that envisions, builds, markets and sells its own products. This A to Z process is a long, harsh but beautiful one.

Working at Smart Bill :

And for seven years we've been successfully travelling this path. Seven years of many happenings:

It all began in 2006 from the 3 founders's desire to change something in the world.

first first

Leading invoicing software in Romania

Smart Bill is the leading invoicing software in Romania. And it's been so since 2008.

Marketing partners

In 2011 some great companies became our marketing partners:

first first

Iconic figure in Romanian IT

In 2012, the most iconic figure in the Romanian IT, Radu Georgescu founder of Romanian Antivirus, Gecad and Avangate became an advisor and a member of our board.

We've all set sail in international markets

In 2013, Lucian Todea, the founder of the most successful IT company in Sibiu,, became an angel investor and advisor.

In 2013, we've all set sail in international markets with the first version of Sleek Bill!

What the press said about us:

Tens of thousands of business already enjoy our products:

Smart Bill Invoicing

Smart Bill Inventory Management

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Smart Bill Cloud - SOON

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